The Seabreeze Environmental landfill can take residential waste, commercial waste, construction and demolition debris, and industrial non-hazardous waste.

We offer disposal services as well as liquid stabilization services to our customers.

Our facility provides all weather access and service to our customers rain or shine.

Facility Permit Requirements: Trash in open vehicles must be covered with a tarp. Per state requirements, loads without tarps are charged $25.

Landfill Operations

We have 845 fenced acres, and are permitted to dispose of waste over a 386 acre foot print. Seabreeze Environmental Landfill is where local household trash is taken. It is a municipal solid waste landfill, strictly permitted and regulated, and accepts only non-hazardous waste.

We serve 14 cities in Brazoria County, as well as some areas of Brazoria, Galveston, Harris and Ft. Bend Counties. Among our contracts for municipal waste is the Brazoria County Coalition, which is comprised of the cities of Lake Jackson, Clute, Surfside, Quintana, Sweeny and Danbury. We also have contracts with waste haulers who service the cities of Angleton, Freeport, Brazoria, Caney Creek, Richwood, Jones Creek, Oyster Creek and West Columbia.

Types of waste that we can accept are residential, commercial, construction and demolition debris and industrial non-hazardous waste.

Each of us generates about five pounds of garbage every day. At Waste Connections of Texas, we collect and dispose of waste and discards in a professional and environmentally responsible manner.

Industrial Services

Our facility is permitted to accept class 1 industrial non hazardous waste. We offer disposal services for Class 1, 2 & 3 industrial waste, as well as, special wastes.

We provide the following industrial services:

Disposal of Class 1 industrial non-hazardous waste
Disposal of Class 2 & 3 waste
Disposal of special waste.
Liquid stabilization of Class 1, 2 & 3 waste, as well as, special waste liquids
Waste transportation services
Pre-printed manifests

Recycling Services

On site, we have a full-service recycling facility providing services to 19 municipalities, and all Brazoria County residents who wish to bring their recyclables to the site. Run by Brazosport Environmental and Recycling Services, or BEARS, it accepts recyclables from individuals, businesses and municipalities.

The working part of the recycling facilities is called a Material Recovery Facility, or MRF. Raw materials, or recyclables are unloaded on the floor of the MRF, where they are taken by conveyor belt to specific stations. The materials are separated by hand and bailed for transport and sale.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM. - 5:00 PM.
Saturday, 8:00 AM. - 2:00 PM.
Closed on Sunday

Recycling Service Rates: No charge to citizens of Southern Brazoria County.

Recyclables accepted:
Newspapers, office paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, and packaging materials; milk, water, detergent and juice jugs; soft drink bottles; polystyrene food containers and cups; aluminum cans and foil; tin and steel cans; and small amounts of scrap metal.